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Biological Agriculture

The Fratelli Foschi Agricultural Company was born from the passion for agriculture and the enhancement of the territory of three brothers.

It is a project in which cultivation practices are oriented towards respecting the pedo-climatic seasonal cycles, the territory and the spirit of initiative coexist and develop organic products of quality and genuineness.

The central core of the project is the farm owned by the Foschi family for 4 generations, which extends for about 100 hectares in a rugged and picturesque territory of the Romagna hills, surrounded by coppice woods, spectacular gullies and millenary villages, at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level.

Far, therefore, from any pollutant source such as large urban centers, factories and highways of great communication, immersed in peace and tranquility.

At the beginning (1920/50) it was born as a dairy farm, becoming one of the major contributors to the local milk plant.

Subsequently it specialized in cereal-forage production alongside the breeding of beef horses (1980s-early 2000s).

Today the company is managed by Filippo, flanked by his son Luca, as the representative of the younger generation, in which the commitment and passion for agriculture, combined with the knowledge gained in the university field, has led to a real turning point in company mission.

The disposal of synthetic chemicals in agricultural practices and adherence to a production protocol devoted to respect for natural growth cycles, the environment and biodiversity, combined with a scrupulous rotation of the land, has thus improved the structure and amount of nutrients contained in them.

In this splendid context, in addition to the crops and typical products of the area (fodder, soft wheat, durum wheat and straw), crops have been gradually introduced to obtain products that respond to a healthy and natural diet, such as chickpeas, lentils, buckwheat, millet , pearl barley, etc.

At first the cultivation was carried out in small experimental plots as they are not usual crops in our areas.

Subsequently, once the most suitable varieties and cultivation practices were identified, cultivation became large-scale, guaranteeing quality and quantity.

For all these reasons and for others, our organic and wholemeal products are aimed at enhancing authenticity and quality, in harmony with nature and the territory.

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Used since the dawn of the first civilizations and the first empires, chickpeas represent a unique source of carbohydrates and proteins among vegetables, and in particular among legumes. They can be consumed boiled, as an ingredient for salads and / or soups, as a first course or as a dish basis for other preparations (hummus). In all cases, they must first be left to soak in water for at least 3/4 hours.


Rich in iron and proteins, lentils too can have multiple uses and recipes in any type of cuisine. Our lentils are grown in soils that are generous in terms of minerals and nutrients, immersed in the beautiful hills of Romagna. Almost never touched by the winter mists, kissed by the sun and caressed by the mountain breezes in spring.

Pearl Barley

Cereal with multiple uses and facets, mainly for zootechnical and brewing use, our proposal of pearl barley boasts high energy contents contrasted with a low lipid level. Once harvested, the barley is subjected to a refining process that eliminates the external part of the kernels (gluma) making it more digestible and practical for tasty healthy recipes.

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European Fund for Rural Development

The Azienda Agricola F.lli Foschi S.S. (CUAA: 04041720402) in 2019 it joined Measure 3 Type of Operation 3.1.01 "Participation in quality schemes for agricultural and food products" of the RDP 2014-2020.
The European funding (EU Reg. 1305/2013) concerns the costs incurred for organic certification relating to the year 2019. Application No. 5107433. Total amount of the grant granted € 725.41.

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